Von Batesole

American Summit Corporation President Von Batesole

As the president of American Summit Corporation and chief executive officer of Crystal Resorts International, Von Batesole played a leading role in the conception of a hotel ownership private membership club. Under his direction, the resulting program, Crystal Resorts International, has negotiated more than 50 hotels throughout California, New York, and Texas, as well as locations in Mexico and Argentina. By late 2022, the leadership team anticipates the opening of approximately 100 sales centers in the US and Europe. Von Batesole previously spent 9 years as president and chief executive officer of Silver Hawk Development International and president of American Summit Corporation Hawaii.

Mr. Batesole has completed continuing education courses in real estate law and finance law. Outside of his leadership activities with American Summit Corporation and Crystal Resorts International, he enjoys following international politics and studying world history. He has also spent time engaging with community groups such as the Elks Club and Various Golf Country Clubs in Washington, Hawaii and California.

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Von Batesole
La Quinta, CA USA